​First we are not telling you to look down the barrel. You should always keep your eyes on the target. When you mount the gun, with your head on the stock and your eyes on the target you will see the sight picture. This is when you will place the barrel in the right place to break the target. The DragonFire sight will give you the lead to break crossing targets.

​If the target is going right to left crossing, when you see your sight picture, just place the right green sight on the target matching the speed, keeping the same line as the target, pull the trigger and follow through. Yes it is just that easy! ​​Okay there is a little more to it. I like to call the 8 simple steps.

​1. Mount the gun.

​2. keep your eyes on the target.

​3. Keep your head on the stock.

​4. See the sight picture.

​5. Place the sight on the target.

​6. Match the speed.

​7. Pull the trigger.

​8. Follow through.

​The DragonFire Sight is just a tool to help you see the lead that is required to break the target. Once your brain sees it, you will on longer see the sight.

proudly made in the u.s.a.


The shotgun sight is placed on the end of the shotgun. The body is shaped like a T and has a stationery red sight in the center of it at the back.  The top of the T has a slight radius to it. The green sights are placed with equal distance from the center sight. When looking at the sight down the barrel of the gun the space between the red and green sights is known as the Angle of Lead.

​Example: The space between the red and green sights (either side) will be 1 3/8" at the end of the barrel. The target is crossing at 20 yards from the right going left. If you place the green sight on the right side of the sight on the target, it will put the red center sight in front of the target giving you about a 20" lead (the distance will very from gun to gun based on the length of your barrel). Because of the radius of the sight the distance will change if the target is closer or further out, so what this means is the same target at 30 yards the lead will increase , 10 yards the lead will decrease. Please see the chart below for a reference.

THE DragonFire Sight