This website is an information site only. It is designed to help you learn and understand  how to use the DragonFire Sight that you have purchased. 

The New Sight is made out of plastic with a two magnet system (0.05 oz) and will fit ribs for 1/4" to 3/8". The price is $24.95. To order just go to​ go to store and then accessories. A link will be added soon for your convenience.

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​dragonFire sight Patent Pending

The DragonFire Sight was designed and developed by  a recreational shooter who just wanted to hit more targets. It's purpose is to help anyone learn to lead any target, whether it's a clay target, fast moving duck, a passing goose, or a crossing dove.

​We started with sporting clays due to the fact that some novice shooters have trouble seeing the shooting picture. Once we achieved this, we found out that we could hit any crossing target from 20 yards out to 50 yards without changing the settings. The shooter still has to learn the basics, mounting the shotgun, and as they say "keep your eye on the rock and your head on the stock", matching the speed, keeping the line and learning to follow through.